Welcome back to the main website! If you had an account with us, you will be able to log into the site right away and be able to comment on this post! If you don't have an account, then you will be able to make one in preparation for the upcoming community events! I'd like to also thank all of our players for their loyalty. We are doing the best in getting things back to where they were... and better :)

As you may or may not know, I had stated before that Will was removed from the team in our discord. Now that it’s been a week, I will go into more details regarding this. Please understand that this post will be extremely long, as it has three sections. What happened, What is happening, and What will happen. If you wish to skip over a specific section, you can as I have intentionally highlighted each title so you can go to it faster.



What happened


Contrary to belief, I started this project initially by myself and my fiancee. Will was brought onto the team close to about seven months later because of his expertise. He claimed he had past experience with WoW-modding, as well as was being more than proficient in security and networking. Being me, I had no idea of how a lot of things worked on the core side, as I was still very new to the scene; he was meant to be that bridge for me. I never had touched a server, never touched code, and it was foreign concepts to me - we needed someone who could guide us here.


As many folks recall, the beta was better than the release itself. A lot of folks ask why this is the case and blame it on the Murloc/Tuskarr addition. However, that is only a little part of the truth. A few days (2-3) prior to the release, it was suggested that we had to recompile the core with updates that were not tested before in order to stay up to date with them. While I had at the time strong opinions about it, I supported his stance on it because it was given to me, as it was either going to happen or release wouldn’t happen. And being me, I try to keep my promises… so we went for the compile. I later found Will had ignored members of the team concerns that we were not ready to release. I hadn’t realized the severity until after the server was released - something we both learned to never do again.


In addition, I was recommended by him during the development to fund a 115$ OVH server for the game host as well as the 6 or so download servers that were $30-$50 a piece. This went on for months, draining my own pocket, and then later on also draining his. Only after our release did we realize we could have cut the cost to be much less; this infuriated me because he was meant to already know this. Not to mention the sheer amount of workload he put on me in trying to learn and understand how these programs worked rather than letting me work on the server stuff like the maps. Don't get me wrong, he had also put a large load of work on himself, but nevertheless made both of our lives difficult in the process. In a way it’s now a thank you to him, because I can run things myself, but also frustrating. There was even a point where I was trying to push fixes at times and he would threaten shutting down the server If I didn’t do it a specific way.


After we announced that we were going back into development, Will basically stopped working on the development side of things. He set up an internal server for us to work on, but overall took a step back. This was also during a time when he had a medical emergency. I took the horns of the bull, and led the project back to a better place. By September, we were working at full speed. I want to also mention before continuing, that throughout this time of Will being on staff, he was very toxic and harsh to staff. It was something we were working on together, but it was something also that was constantly happening resulting in a lot of issues. There would be good people who would get into arguments with will and then leave the next day after, simply because all people are replaceable to him. One of my now good friends who I met through Will, Deserts, was working on this project full time and developed medical issues because of it during release. When we made posts that we were working as much as possible to get things working, we meant it with all of our hearts. Me, Deserts, and Will all slept less than three hours a night; Will himself would sleep probably even less. These issues were piling up, and while we all agreed to let go of the past, it was still a strain. However, there was a final straw.


In late November of last year (roughly) Will wanted to get back into the swing of things, and I showed him what was being worked on and things of that nature. He wanted to then impress everyone by moving the core over to a Cata-based core. While it sounded like a great idea at the time, it wasn’t. I had warned him about changing to this core and the amount of work it would take, but he guilt tripped me into it, and so we tried it. Production halted on our current core because of how data transfer works from our core to the Cata core, and overall things paused. Every month and a half I would tell Will that this wasn’t a good idea, but he didn’t listen. Finally, around May of this year, I put my foot down and told him we had to stop this, we were making little to no progress and it wasn’t worth it. He argued with it indirectly, but eventually concluded in agreement. That argument was a heated one. We determined we would work on communication, but from that point on it felt like walking on eggshells, and I couldn’t handle it any longer.


Finally, a few days ago I spoke to him, and gave him an hour to write something to the public if he wanted. I tried to talk to him about the issues and worries that I had in regards to him still being on staff. I suggested he would step down, but he refused. It was a five hour long conversation that ended up in him aggravating me. It could have been a ten minute conversation, but instead it had to be five hours. He hurt a lot of people in the process, and a lot of things he had done weren't okay, but I followed through with them because that’s what a team does, they stick by each other. However, after defending the actions he had done for so long, It was eating at my spirit too much. It began to give me pain and started to interrupt my own personal life. This is the best way to summarize why he was removed. This doesn’t mention what he had done that was positive, rather the reasons as to why he was gone. I don’t mean to bash anyone if that is what someone may see reading this, however I want to show transparency in the best way possible, and that is, by giving those who care to read my words the truth. I never agreed with Zero on what he did, but I also never agreed with how Will treated the situation. I hope this explains things a bit better, and I apologize personally to everyone who’s ever been hurt by will, or by myself through this and hope you can forgive and move forward with us.



What Is Happening


After Will was removed, the staff has revived, and progress has been moving quickly. The first thing that I wanted to do was to bring back old staff. That means folks such as Zero and Lambey. Zero is back and assisting with the website and launcher. He will be the main person who will be managing these two things and will continue to do so. It is important to me that his name is cleared from what was said before about him, and he is once again seen in a good light.


As for Lambey returning, it shows just how significant of a change it is with Will leaving and how much it has changed the atmosphere of the server and staff. In addition to these two, there are many more returning on the back-end. However, recently, we have implemented a new ruleset, which allows GM’s to show their face on this discord if they wish to do so. Thus, you may see some new names popping up on the right side. With that being said, things have gone underway.


Our launcher has been put into development, remade from scratch to resolve the past problems with the old one. Redesigned professionally.  Below you will find the new design concept for it.



This is of course, including our website that is once again launched, and has the possibility of registration amongst other things. In addition to that, we have the implementation of our new class, the necromancer! Our necromancer is a DPS/Healer, using bone, disease, and blood magic. More info on this later!



Finally, we have a fully functioning development server up 24/7 for all of our developers to be able to help work on the project no matter what time of day or where they are. As of today, we have a completely new change to the start zone, and it is a pretty significant change - now the start zone will actually be part of the main story line. Players will start in their standard starting zone, will be able to get their racial, and choose to start the main story line whenever they’d like rather than it being forced immediately upon them. If they choose not to do this, they will still have access to the main story line, without the prelude of this zone. We currently have multiple members of staff back on this server working hard to ensure that zones are finished, fully functional, and ready for play testing.



All of this has gone underway within the past week of Will leaving staff, and we do not plan on losing steam. As of right now, we are welcoming back anyone, or extending an offer of a conversation to anyone that had an issue with Will. And of course, we are recruiting staff.


We have changed around a lot how the public and staff discord functions, with the first being: you are now able to ping me whenever you’d like without worry. You are also able to talk to staff members without having to worry about getting in trouble for pinging them either, and there isn’t a requirement to pick Horde or Alliance before joining the discord server, allowing you to be able to chat immediately as soon as you join for ease of access.



What will happen


Moving forward, we recognize that everyone has waited a significantly long time for the launch of this server, and we want to try to do everything in our power to get it there. I want to inform you all that we will start by doing events and activities. In addition, everyone who originally had an account with us will be given a murloc mount that is only possible to be received by having an account before this post was made. We will randomly select 20 people for example to test and share their inputs on specific dungeons, have a set amount of people play through specific areas, host dev discussions with the community in public voice channels, and much more. The idea is to have a significant amount of testing done through having you guys have fun playing. Official closed beta releases will be after things like this are completed.


We need your help, not only to get the server back on track and a fun environment, but also to restore the vision of RevelationWow. I made a promise I would never give up on this project, and as you can all see I have kept it, severing what was killing it, and doing what I can to get it up and going. Our team is happier, working harder and we look forward to you seeing the results of this.


We will have more details as to what follows in the future, but for now, we hope that this information, and content drop is significant enough to savor your taste buds and join us in this path to redemption.


p.s. Please note that we are working on our website at the moment, as it is still in development! Donation Points, Voter Points, as well as certain links may not show or work at the current time.



Sincerely, The RevelationWoW Staff.