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As you may or may not know, I had stated before that Will was removed from the team in our discord. Now that it’s been a week, I will go into more details regarding this. Please understand that this post will be extremely long, as it has three sections. What happened, What is happening, and What will happen. If you wish to skip over a specific section, you can as I have intentionally highlighted each title so you can go to it faster.



What happened


Contrary to belief, I started this project initially by myself and my fiancee. Will was brought onto the team close to about seven months later because of his expertise. He claimed he had past experience with WoW-modding, as well as was being more than proficient in security and networking. Being me, I had no idea of how a lot of things worked on the core side, as I was still very new to the scene; he was meant to be that bridge for me. I never had touched a server, never touched code, and it was foreign concepts to me - we needed someone who could guide us here.


As many folks recall, the beta was better than the release itself. A lot of folks ask why this is the case and blame it on the Murloc/Tuskarr addition. However, that is only a little part of the truth. A few days (2-3) prior to the…